Are IVF Babies Normal and Healthy?

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Are IVF Babies Normal and Healthy?

Are IVF babies healthy? is one of the most frequently asked questions by couples considering IVF treatment, or Do IVF children have weakened immune systems? However, scientific research is the foundation of reality.


So, in this article, you will learn whether or not IVF babies are healthier or face health complications so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not to undergo IVF treatment.


Are IVF children healthy?

Yes, IVF babies are just as healthy as naturally conceived babies. This means they are not at risk of harming their health in the short or long term. This is because the procedure is safe; however, IVF babies differ only in how they were conceived, which is through the use of fertility drugs rather than sexual intercourse.


To be honest, the risk of a child having any abnormalities is 3-4 percent in the general population, and recent estimates suggest that the risk increases by only 1% in a baby born through IVF treatment.


At Shivam IVF, we have performed nearly 16000+ successful IVF procedures with a high success rate, and we have yet to see a case of an unhealthy IVF baby. As a result, it is insignificant to assert that babies born through IVF treatment are at a higher health-related risk.



What Is the Difference Between IVF and Natural Conception?


It will be easier for you to decide and reach a decision if you understand how natural conception differs from IVF. After sexual intercourse, fertilization occurs in the fallopian tube in natural conception. As soon as the embryo is formed, it naturally travels to the uterus and is implanted for pregnancy.


In IVF conception, however, couples' gametes are taken and fertilized in a dish in a specially advanced lab, after which the lab-created embryos are artificially implanted for pregnancy. So, if you closely observe this process, you will notice no significant difference between the two. This means that the health of an IVF-born baby is not jeopardized.



Researchers discovered that children born through in vitro fertilization account for approximately 3.3% of all births each year, and their general health and cognitive development are comparable to those born without treatment.


Another study on adults born through IVF found no signs of heart, growth, metabolic, or respiratory problems. In the general fertile population, the risk of having a child with a birth defect is about 3-5 percent. The best current estimate is that the birth defect rate increases by about 1% after an IVF cycle.


There have also been a few cases of IVF babies suffering from low birth weight and, in the worst-case scenario, neonatal death. However, researchers have discovered that these shortcomings are more dependent on the parent’s age and fertility than on the IVF process itself.


Conclusion: Babies born through IVF treatment are healthy.


IVF provides hope for many couples who, for various reasons, are unable to realize their dream of becoming parents.


And, based on all of the evidence and information from researchers, as well as our own experience, we would advise you to pursue IVF treatment in Delhi NCR, if you are having difficulty conceiving naturally. Babies born through IVF treatments are completely healthy.

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