Laser Hatching

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Laser Hatching

Laser-assisted hatching is one of the Infertility treatments to help the fertilized egg to hatch and attach to the uterus. Laser assisted hatching is a gentle and safe way to crack a part of zona pellucida. Assisted hatching is sometimes used in conjunction with IVF treatment. Assisted hatching is help with the embryo implantation.

Why would the doctor advise you for Laser-Assisted Hatching?

  •   You have failed previous IVF/ICSI cycles.
  •   You have a frozen embryo transfer.
  •   Women who produce eggs with a harder Zona Pellucida after the age of 37.
  •   You have a high Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) level.

Steps of Laser Hatching

In this process, the outer shell of the embryo is artificially weakened by making a small hole in the zona pellucida. This can be done in two ways. One method involves an acid solution, known as Tyrode’s solution which to help melt a small hole in the shell. Another method involves the use of a laser to weaken the shell. After treating the fertilized egg with laser-assisted hatching, the embryo transfer into the woman’s womb.

Shivam IVF centre in Delhi offers laser-assisted hatching for the woman is over 37 years of age and have undergone repeated treatments without conceiving. It is also recommend that thawed embryos are treated with laser-assisted hatching.

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