IVF Treatment - What to Expect

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IVF Treatment - What to Expect

If you are trying to become a parent and not conceiving naturally, you must be considering infertility treatment or in vitro fertilization (IVF), you might want to know what to expect, such as the cost of IVF, success rate, what risks are involved, and how to cope with any emotional stress you may experience.

IVF Costs:
The IVF cost is primarily dependent on your infertility problem. Hence it varies from person to person. Sometimes 1 or more IVF cycles are required. A person cannot be restricted in how much money they can invest in their quest for a child. Therefore, all of us need to know what kind of ART treatment is most effective for us.  For example, if someone was lucky enough to have a baby by going through 2 IVF cycles, you may be fortunate by conceiving in one IVF cycle itself. Or perhaps a simple laparoscopy procedure might be enough to help you. So the cost is applied to treatment verities. 

Risks of IVF:
IVF and fertility treatments are safe procedures and medical complications are rare. But, as with all medical procedures, there are some possible health effects to consider for women undergoing treatment and for children born as a result of treatment.

Risks associated with IVF include:
•    Excessive response to fertility drugs 
•    Multiple births (twins and triplets)
•    Premature labor 
•    Low birth weight
•    Caesarean delivery

The success rate of IVF:
The success rate of a procedure is generally based on the woman's age. With age, IVF success rates tend to decline unless donor eggs are used. In India, the success rate of IVF ranges from 30% to 35%. Globally, the average IVF success rate is around 40% in young women. The chance of success rates also increases in women younger than 35 years of age. The success rate of this most commonly used assisted reproductive technology or ART is usually measured based on live birth per embryo transfer. 
Stress and emotional support

Patients can be very low on themselves for struggling emotionally at a time when they feel they should be happy, thrilled, excited, and hopeful. In fact, this is a common experience among IVF patients. A simple understanding of this should make him feel less alone. IVF can be challenging, but it is normal to experience struggle at times. Acknowledge your feelings and offer yourself compassion and kindness.

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