Effects of Genetics on Fertility and Its Treatment

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Effects of Genetics on Fertility and Its Treatment

Genetics is one of the most significant elements when you plan your future family. You often wonder, will my son/ daughter look just like you, or will be similar looking to your partner. Such are the genetic effects, but these all are good for a little fun but when it comes to serious genetics and potential chromosome disorders, even your chances of being pregnant in the future may be jeopardized and hence all your dreams or plans could shatter. Therefore, it is fatal to understand the role that genetics and heredity could play in determining the best path for health and successful pregnancy. As per Best Fertility Centre in Delhi, the genetic conditions that could affect your fertility can be further divided into two types: chromosomal abnormalities and single gene disorders about which we will further discuss in this blog.

Chromosomes and their effects:

Chromosomes are the string-like creatures present in every human cell and contain genetic material. In total, 23 singular chromosomes are present in every sperm and egg. When these come together, forming pairs of one chromosome from each parent, the embryo is formed. The abnormalities due to the presence of additional chromosomes, the absence of chromosomes, or any other quality issues can result in disorders such as developmental delays, trisomy, Turner syndrome, physical abnormalities, miscarriage, stillbirth, etc.

Single Gene Defects:

These defects are caused by a certain gene, some of the examples of such defects can be, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy, Fragile X syndrome, sick cell anemia, Huntington’s disease, Tay-Sachs, etc. These disorders typically indicate the family history of various abnormalities, though single-gene mutations are pretty rare yet devastating as per the Best IVF Clinic in Delhi. The disorders such as thalassemia and sickle cell anima may also result in a lifetime of management of disease through painful treatment and medication. Hence, if you are aware of any history of single-gene disorder present in your family, you must undergo proper testing and counseling as you may not suffer from the disorder but you could carry the gene responsible for that disorder itself.

Modern Reproductive Technology and Solutions?

Leading IVF centre in Delhi claim that genetic Counseling in both types of conditions could be very promising as in this era, there are advanced technological reproductive solutions for most of your infertility problems. Even when your odds seem low for a successful pregnancy, IVF with pre-implantation genetic testing could provide you with an opportunity for a successful pregnancy and a healthy embryo. 

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