Workout During IVF Treatment

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Workout During IVF Treatment

Exercising during the IVF Treatment increases the probability of conception. IVF experience is slightly different for everyone. Many people believe IVF medications increase extra weight. During treatment, some put on extra pounds quickly, just because they think that exercise can harm their pregnancy. 

Let us tell you that there are many benefits of exercising during IVF treatment, but when it comes to pregnancy, it is important to be extra careful. Yoga and exercise are extremely beneficial for women. Expert Dr. Bhavana Mittal says that maintaining a healthy body weight has been linked to successful fertilization. 

During IVF, More hormonal changes take place in the body; more changes are visible from outside. During this, women have to face problems like back pain, weight gain. In such a situation, an exercise can overcome these problems. During fertility treatments like in vitro fertilization (IVF), women can continue the workout.

Exercise During IVF: Dos and Don’ts

Whether you are already an exercise freak or not, but to maintain your body weight during IVF treatment you should avoid high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and intense cardio routines. Also, avoid weight lifting and other heavy equipment during your IVF treatment. 

Light workouts are recommended during some parts of an IVF cycle while you should opt-out of exercise completely during others. Engage yourself in light yoga is also an ideal form of exercise during IVF. Some Low-impact activities like swimming and walking are good for pregnancy by all means.

Women should take care of themselves in pregnancy or during treatment. Stay fit, eat a balanced diet, and don't forget to take essential vitamins. Don’t forget to match up your new fitness routine with healthy eating habits.  It keeps your energy levels high and prepares your body for implantation.

IVF treatment cannot be made successful without the help and advice of the doctor. Talk to your doctor about the potential risks and continue with their advice, do not take the advice of the doctor lightly.  It’s important to consider them before beginning a new exercise regimen. Try only doctor-approved, low-impact exercises.  

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