What is IVF?

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What is IVF?

Fertilization via in vitro fertilization (IVF) is it a process used to promote fertility and prevent genetic problems

In IVF, mature eggs are extracted (retrieved) from the ovaries and fertilized by sperm in a laboratory. An embryo (egg) or embryos (eggs) is then transferred to the uterus. The entire IVF cycle usually takes about three weeks. The steps can sometimes be broken down into parts, so the process takes longer.

As far as assisted reproductive technologies are concerned by IVF Doctors in Delhi, IVF is the best. The procedure can be performed with the help of your own eggs and the sperm of your partner. The procedure may also be done with eggs, sperm, or embryos derived from a known or anonymous donor. In rare cases, a gestational carrier might be used - a woman with an embryo implanted in her uterus.

What’s the IVF process?

A leading specialist at Best IVF Clinic in Delhi says it is a complex process that requires many steps taken by the doctors; sometimes it can be stressful for the patients because the entire process is taken care of in given steps:

IVF begins with several months of fertility medication, which helps produce mature, fertilized eggs from your ovaries. It is called ovulation induction. Your hormone levels may be measured using ultrasounds or blood tests on a regular basis.

IVF Doctor in Delhi says that once your ovaries have produced enough mature eggs, the doctor will remove them from your body (called egg retrieval). Minor surgery is performed by a fertility clinic or your doctor for egg retrieval.

While the procedure is being performed, you will be given medicines that will help you relax and remain comfortable. Ultrasound images allow the doctor to see inside your body, and then a thin, hollow tube is inserted into each ovary and into each follicle that holds your egg. Every follicle is gently pricked with a needle and a suction device is attached to take out the eggs.

Insemination is the process of mixing eggs with sperm from a partner or a donor in a laboratory. Fertilization occurs when the eggs and sperm are placed in a special container, and the eggs are fertilized with the sperm. Fertilization can be promoted by injecting sperm directly into the eggs, especially when the sperm are less motile (do not swim well). Workers at the lab monitor the development of the embryos as the cells in fertilized eggs divide.

The embryos are then transferred into your uterus after 3-5 days of egg retrieval (known as embryo transfer).  In this procedure, the doctor inserts a thin tube through your cervix directly into your uterus, and the embryo is implanted directly into your uterus.

Embryos attach to your uterus' lining if you become pregnant.  Embryo transfer is usually performed at a fertility clinic or your doctor's office, and it's usually not painful.

It is best to rest the rest of the day after your embryo transfer. Afterward, you can go back to your usual routine. After the embryo transfer, you may be required to take a shot or pill daily of a hormone called progesterone for the first 8-10 weeks. Hormones assist the embryo in surviving in the womb.

Ideally Suited For 

The Best IVF Clinic in Delhi suggests in-vitro fertilization for women who have been unable to conceive after 12 cycles of artificial insemination or regular unprotected intercourse.

IVF may be an option if:

  • The partner has received an unexplained diagnosis of infertility.
  • They have tried other techniques, such as fertility drugs or intrauterine insemination (IUI), but they didn't work.
  • Blockage of the fallopian tubes in a woman.

If you think that it is very difficult, you may not consider the benefits to be so easy.

The Threats

A medication's side effects

Some women may have reactions to the medications that are given during treatment.

In addition to potential side effects, IVF drugs may also cause:

  • nausea and vomiting
  • difficulty breathing
  • irritability
  • hot flashes
  • enlargement of the ovaries
  • difficulty sleeping
  • abdominal pain

Bruising can occur as well when repeated injections are given daily.

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