Expert Answers To The Commonly Asked Questions On IVF

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Expert Answers To The Commonly Asked Questions On IVF

Couples that are thinking about starting a family might have any questions regarding the journey they will embark on. A lot of people know to go online without proper knowledge of what to find about in vitro fertilization and are faced with an overload of information. We've answered the most common questions on IVF that our readers were keen to know with the assistance of fertility experts from the Best Fertility Centre in Delhi NCR further in this blog.

• How long does the IVF process take?
It typically takes about two weeks for IVF preparation, then you have the stimulation phase that entails about 8-10 days of fertility shots before egg retrieval is done.

• How painful is IVF?
According to most of the patients from Best IVF Centre in Delhi NCR, IVF is not necessarily a painful process as people think. According to all the patients who had undergone it in the last 10 months, you can feel bloating, light bleeding, or cramping as the rarest cause.

• Why is IVF more expensive than IUI?
IFV is a process that when compared to IUI, required a lot more expensive & advanced machines which require regular maintenance by a specialized professional. It also requires significant gynecologist involvement, beginning from the planning about IVF itself.

• What are the side effects of IVF?
The side effects of IVF originate from the medicines given during the procedure. As these perform the task of pumping your body with hormones, you will feel a lot more emotional than usual and may be accompanied by minor effects such as pressure, cramping, or bloating in the pelvic area, breast tenderness, and discomfort from fertility injections. As per the leading IVF Centre in Delhi, Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS) could also be experienced in some cases.

• Is the procedure altered if donor eggs or sperm are used?
No, there is no major change if the donor sperms or eggs are used. But, if you are planning to go with it, you should take the prior prescription from Dr. Bhavana Mittal or any other concerned doctor.

• Is there anything that could negatively impact IVF success?
Age is one of the most common factors that negatively affect IVF, followed by premature ovarian aging. As per the Best IVF Centre in Delhi NCR, “One can maintain a healthy lifestyle to boost the chances of success.”

• Why is it necessary to have so many eggs while undergoing IVF?
An expert answers this question as follows, “Sometimes eggs don't develop right. Some eggs don't get fertilized. Some embryos stop growing. This means that most eggs don't make babies. Also, it's possible to freeze some eggs and use them later if you need more eggs. This means that you can have more than one baby if you have extra eggs.”

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