When should I consult a fertility specialist?

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When should I consult a fertility specialist?

Conception, Pregnancy, delivery and born of a child it is perfect planning. It would be far better if you haven’t faced any issues. It like god graced on you. But what if you are not in those lucky parents, who have a natural conception, this time you need to consult a fertility specialist.


Male and female both have different problems with fertility. As in women, there are a number of reasons, including ovulation irregularities, structural problems in the reproductive system, or an underlying medical problem, and severe menstrual cramps. In men low sperm count, Problems maintaining erection, Issues with ejaculation, small, firm testicles. etc.

Sometimes you look fit but still, you may childless. Actually, most causes of infertility are silent it means you are dealing with unexplained fertility issues.

If you’re struggling with infertility and need help getting pregnant, there are effective infertility treatments such as IUI, ICSI, IVF etc. It can help increase your chances of having a baby.

Consult the best fertility specialist at the IVF Clinic in Delhi, Dr Bhavana Mittal. She helps you figure out which treatments are best for you. At the BestInfertility Centre in Delhi NCR, the doctor is highly experienced and transparency is her vogue. The success rate of fertility treatment is depending on person to person.

She consults her patients that before treatment the positive approach is necessary. You have to think about the good because whatever you think it comes to you. The couple and their family member all of them have to be positive for the treatment. You have to trust the doctor, listen to her patiently, take medicine, follow instruction given by the doctor word to word and follow a proper life style.

Hope for the best. There is always a light of hope in the ending. Everyone has different chances for treatment success. You can talk to her any time to quest your curiosity and doubts.

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