Is Infertility Patient Need To Take Birth Control Pills?

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Is Infertility Patient Need To Take Birth Control Pills?

You may be surprised by the title that “Infertility patients need to take birth control pill”. Especially, when a couple is seeking help to conceive their own baby medically.  In order to enable a woman suffering from a fatal disease to conceive in the future, its treatment has been found only through birth control pills. Gynecologist considers this treatment safe.  

There are several reasons why they are used, the one is PCOS. Our gynecologist Dr. Bhavana Mittal says that this problem caused by a poor lifestyle can disturb the whole life. If the disease is in its grip then timely treatment becomes very important. Nowadays women are affected by this disease at an early age. PCOS is a disease in which women's sex hormones are not balanced. Due to this, cysts are formed in Ovary. These cysts are small thalamic structures in which the fluid is filled. It continues to accumulate in Ovary and its size also increases gradually. This condition is called polycystic ovary syndrome. In this disease, the level of testosterone hormone is increasing in the woman suffering from this disease. Dr. Bhavana says that it is true that PCOS is treated with contraceptive medicines and it is completely safe. These medicines are given only after the age of 16 so that the physical development of adolescent girls is not affected.

In other cases, the first step in the IVF process is to take birth control pills. Though this seems to be counter-productive to your goal of getting pregnant, for the purposes of an IVF cycle, a monophasic type used which contains the same amount of hormones in every active pill. Therefore, a constant level of these hormones is maintained.

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